Today in true crime and portraits

Today in True Crime and portraits explores True Crime Stories about organized crime, murders, stalking, cyberstalking and seriel killers and what makes them tick.

Today in True Crime and Portraits is hosted by Jane Flowers.

Jane is also a True Crime Author based in New Orleans

above here is the murder weapon, a hatchet, that photographer william eggleston claims murdered jane's father, u.s. navy veteran dentist dr. t.c. bring called (Untitled) Near the River at Greenville, mississippi c. 1983-1986 by Photographer william eggleston

While Jane reports on Unsolved crimes and other true crime stories. she also reports a great amount of information in regards to her father's Unsolved murder and the murderablia involved with his unsolved murder that is sold by Photgrapher William Eggleston and his Family members for profit and fame.

william eggleston and his family members have been selling murderablia in regards to jane's father since 1983. you are informed in jane's episoseds about who all has and is currently involved in helping egglerston and his family members profit off of their murderablia.

imagine the colorful mr eggleston

Imagine the Colorful Mr Eggleston, With an In-Depth review of BBC's Documentary about Photographer William Eggleston and his Murderablia

dirty money in the delta

Dirty Money in the Delta, A True Story about White Collar Crime at Melton Law Firm and Trustmark Bank in Greenwood Mississippi

Perfectly ​Boring

Perfectly Boring With ​an In-Depth Review of ​Oxford American ​Magazine’s essay about ​Photographer William ​Eggleston and his ​Murderablia

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Go Fund Me

Donate today to ​help jane get ​justice for her ​murdered father

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Go Fund Me

Donate today to ​help Jane get ​Justice and retain ​an Attorney

I was stalked and I need help ​retaining an attorney. If you listen to ​my podcast you will learn more ​about my stalking case. Please if you ​can donate to my campaign so I can ​protect myself from my stalker and ​get Justice when the police refuse to ​investigate my stalking case and ​protect me from my stalker.

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